We're getting ready for our August Kickstarter launch! This past week we met with some of our models to shoot a few extra close-ups of our garments as we continue to edit our Kickstarter video footage... Among other things, we want to be sure to show off the design details that make our transfeminine fit jeans and our transmasculine fit jeans unique!

Our transfeminine fit jeans (above) are designed to fit slimmer hips, yet visually enhance curvature of the hips and thighs. This is accomplished by means of the cut of the pattern as well as the curved detail stitching.

Our transmasculine fit jeans (below) fit wider hips, but in this case, use cut and very linear design elements to visually minimize curvature of the hips and thighs.

Both our transfeminine and transmasculine fit jeans are cut to allow for a versatile crotch fit, so the former will fit comfortably on people who are pre-op, no-op or post-op, and the latter will fit comfortably on people who choose to pack, as well as on people who don't. Both our jeans will also be offered in a range of trans-friendly sizing options!