WE'RE TRANSGENDER. As trans co-founders and designers, Sean and I understand first-hand the everyday challenges that trans and non-binary individuals encounter. The disappointment when you get dressed in the morning and the clothes just won't let you be yourself - often even after giving things your best shot. Getting mis-gendered by the world at large - constantly looking over your shoulder because you're not sure how other people are going to read you, and what they might do because of it. This makes us that much more sensitive to the needs of our clients, and behooves us that much more to anticipate and address potential fit and form issues ahead of time.

INCLUSIVENESS. We have been working on our line since early 2015, when we set out to design casual, affordable clothing for transfeminine as well as transmasculine people. Why there have been so few fashion labels to serve transgender women and other transfeminine individuals until now is still a mystery to us, but we decided that inclusiveness would be no afterthought in our label.

FIT. In this brave new world of queer fashion startups, we consider ourselves lucky to have the fortune of working with an old-school pattern maker with a modern outlook and 40 years of serious experience. Fit is of ultra importance to us; fit flatters, and makes for comfort. We believe that our off-the-rack fit will make our name once we go into production. It's one thing to make tailored garments look good on the individual; quite another to design a pattern that will look good on 99.9% of your demographic. We're also glad we had the opportunity to hone our designs under the public eye at a fashion show before we even launched our product. Going about things this way keeps us honest, realistic, and on our toes!

VERSATILITY. Within the sizing of our initial samples, our garments have proven to work for a wide range of body shapes. Without a doubt, we contribute this to the good fit of our garments. But beyond that, we also credit this to the various design features we incorporated into the construction of our garments, such as a drawstring waist on our cowl neck dress and drawstring shorts, side vents on our button down shirt, stretch denim fabric used for our jeans, etc. We will also offer multiple pant length options once we go into production, as well as trans-friendly sizing on all our garments to serve people of various sizes and body shapes.