As we draw closer to our finalized Kickstarter launch date - August 1st! - we are narrowing down which factory to work with once we go into production. [9B Apparel] is our top contender right now, a manufacturer with over 20 years of handmade-in-the-USA experience. They manage five factories in Los Angeles, with each factory specializing in either denim, knitwear, wovens, or outerwear. They offer low minimums for brands just starting out, but also handle large-volume production for many high-end brands, so we would definitely have room to grow in working with them.

Not only does 9B Apparel produce expertly-made, high quality garments; they also "adhere to the most environmentally friendly manufacturing laws anywhere in the world," sustainable manufacturing, as well as Fair Labor practices and California living wages. Working with a manufacturer that values such ethics is very important to us at Leo Roux. Because, to be plain, we like being able to sleep at night, and we figure you do, too.