Sean here.

This week, I'm traveling from Maui to Seattle to shoot our Kickstarter Video. We're launching our campaign on June 1st of this year with the hope of raising enough money to produce our first line of clothing!

Prior to this week, I've been behind the scenes, managing our website and social media accounts and posting much of the content on those platforms. We've received many accolades for what we are doing - including kudos from cisgender and binary folks who've told us that they'd wear our garments, too! I take a lot of pride in the fact that we can make something very specific, with a very deliberate aim, and reach a wider audience than we imagined. This opens my eyes to new possibilities and encourages me to keep an open mind about how the cisgender and binary communities struggle with prescribed clothing as well. That our clothing may be a solution for people beyond our initial intended reach fills me with warm fuzzies and reignites the sometimes dim hope that we are all in this together and, as the late artist formerly known as Prince said, "...gathered here today to get through this thing called life." 

We didn't set out to craft a clothing line that is genderless, but we hope that our wearers know that we are not imposing an identity upon them with our clothing. Instead of labeling our garments as 'women's' or 'men's', we choose terms like 'transmasculine' and 'transfeminine' to indicate the intended expression, guided by garment fit and effect. We don't mean to oversimplify or exclude - rather we hope we can communicate the understanding that 'transmasculine' indicates a garment made to emphasize shoulders and camouflage hips. 'Transfeminine' indicates the accentuation of curves at the hips and waist, and a minimizing of the shoulders. By no means are we determining the identity or gender of the wearer. Rather, we are describing the effect of the clothing. The fabric and cuts we choose are our earnest attempt to offer casual, everyday clothing with a fit that flatters the wearer and expresses their gender as they choose.

I could write forever about the limitations and risks of using single words to describe complex ideas. And I could go on and on about our good intentions. Alas, I'll stop here, and trust the process that is unfolding. So much gratitude to all of our readers, wearers, staff, and crew. I'm honored and so excited to see how far we can take this...Let's go crazy!