Mid-February, we sent out a call for people in the Seattle area who identify as transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, and/or agender interested in modeling for our upcoming clothing line. We were so amazed that in just 72 hours we received over 40 submissions. We even received offers for help with makeup, hair styling, and photography/videography.

We are so honored that each potential model contacted us and continues to correspond with our staff. Leo has narrowed down the fabrics, and our designs and prototypes are almost perfected. In order to get our transfeminine line completed by our first deadline, we are selecting a fit model and will complete our first samples soon. Then, we’ll be gearing up with her and other models to represent our line in upcoming fashion shows, photo shoots, and video shoots. Our transmasculine line will be our focus starting mid-March. We are so thrilled to keep up our momentum and see what we are capable of!

What really grabbed my attention while reaching out to the Seattle community was the number of people so ready to be part of what we are doing. We had such great turnout that we re-opened our model call and continue to receive submissions. In the vein of fashion as activism, the potential for a nationwide movement of trans visibility, participation, and product lines is in our grasp as a company, a community, and a nation. We see our success in mounting momentum as a reflection of what’s going on in the fashion industry and activism platforms all over the US and beyond. Companies like Leo Roux Clothing, Point5cc, QWear, and many others continue to build their brands and validate our existence as people and consumers. The fashion industry is opening its doors to trans visibility in ways unprecedented such as in Gogo Graham’s NYC fashion show,and the first trans modeling agency, TransModels.

Thanks so much to everyone who shares our blogs, likes our posts, volunteers to model for us, and offers to help us in various ways. We’ll keep doing our part to keep the movement growing strong.