On Wednesday morning of this past week I met with Sera, our wonderful new fit model for our transfeminine line! We gathered at Simone's house - she's the pattern maker who is helping us bring this clothing line to life - to take Sera's measurements. From there, Simone creates what's called a 'block' or a 'sloper,' which is a template on which the general fit of our designs will be based. We are all looking forward to the end of this coming week, when Sera will try on our samples for the first time!

Sera is very excited to be part of a project that is designing clothing expressly for trans bodies, and with her modeling experience, enthusiasm for representing our work, and pride in being a transwoman, we couldn't be happier to have her on board! We are currently making our final selections for those who will model our transfeminine line in our end-of-April Kickstarter shoot, and are interviewing potential models for our transmasculine line this week. So much is coming together right now - stay tuned!