Seattle seemed like a beacon of hope to me when I moved there at the tail end of 2015, and so far it has not disappointed. With mountains, oceans, trees, and undulating cityscape, Seattle is a photographer’s dream. Even my daily commute takes me past a lake, through a wooded park, over bridges and past the harborfront of the city, with its ocean and mountain views and many ships. As far as commutes go, this one doesn’t suck.

The vast number of friendly and helpful people I have encountered in Seattle have made my heart thaw for humanity again. I’ve heard of the ‘Seattle Freeze,’ but I after months of living here I have yet to encounter it. Seattle boasts a beautifully liberal mentality, a very metropolitan and surprisingly diverse feel, and not surprisingly, it is home to one of the largest transgender populations in the United States. It also seems to be a haven for creative enterprises - culture, arts, and craftsmanship are woven into the fabric and machinery of the city.

In short, I can’t think of a more perfect city in which to bring a transgender-friendly clothing line to life.