Taking our best shot

Here's a sneak preview from our photo shoot yesterday, get ready for lots more to come! Photographer Kaija Rae (www.kaijaraephotography.com/home) spent the best part of the day with us and our fabulous models yesterday, shooting various garments from our line as we prepare to launch pre-orders. Kaija was awesome to work with, and we hope to hire her again for a larger-scale look book shoot in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears open - we will be announcing our launch date sooner than you think!

Nearly there!

We are so close to making our transgender-friendly clothing line a reality! Here's some of what we've been up to during the last two months:

Website overhaul - check out our brand new look at leoroux.com! You won't see any pre-order pages until they go live, but aside from some minor adjustments our website is pretty much pre-order ready!

The nitty gritty - setting up our business accounts, bookkeeping, ironing out our business model, and linking inventory tracking software and order fulfillment services to our website - it's not glamorous, but somebody had to do it!

Factory samples - we found a factory right under our noses, right here in Seattle! They are super friendly, ethically run, a 15 minute drive away, and make great quality garments for a number of well-known local Seattle businesses. We know for a fact that they do a great job, because this past Friday we got to inspect the samples they finished sewing up for us. You'll see them when we debut our pre-orders very soon - we can't wait to share them with you!

Dinner with TomboyX

Leo, Naomi, and Fran hanging out with our dog, Captain Dan - can you spot him? Fran (far right) is trying out a pair of our drawstring pants!

Leo, Naomi, and Fran hanging out with our dog, Captain Dan - can you spot him? Fran (far right) is trying out a pair of our drawstring pants!

A couple of weeks ago, we had the luck of running into Fran and Naomi, the owners of TomboyX, at the West Seattle Street Fair. If you're not familiar, [TomboyX] is a brand that offers a line of underwear for people who aren't satisfied with conventional options. They offer underwear "that anyone could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum."

As luck would have it, Fran and Naomi live in West Seattle too, and we were so excited when they agreed to come over for a home-cooked dinner this past Friday, and to sit down and talk shop. Our two tomboy friends have spent the last three years learning the ropes of the clothing industry, building their brand and growing their business, and making lots of people very happy with a well-designed, comfortable-to-wear product. Having similar goals for our transgender-friendly clothing line, and facing a lot of the same obstacles that TomboyX has had to overcome, getting to sit down with these friendly, insightful women and capable business owners was an invaluable opportunity. From outlining potential pitfalls we might encounter and useful suggestions on how to avoid them, to sharing their hard-won understanding of the apparel industry and experiences they've had in traveling around the world in search of ethical factories - we can't thank them enough for their help!

Where have these been all of my life?

Where have these been all of my life?






We're back!

After a brief hiatus, we are back to work with a vengeance - wrestling with approaching deadlines and a crashed laptop! The way we see it, we have one shot at our Kickstarter campaign, and we want to do things right. For that reason, we've decided to push our launch date back one final time - to September 1, 2016. We have a daunting list of tasks to complete before we are ready to launch. Here's a small sample: constructing our Kickstarter campaign page; finishing our Kickstarter video (as soon as Sean gets his laptop running again - cross your fingers!); determining exactly what our donation tiers will be and what incentives our backers will receive (from limited edition garments, to branded reusable tote bags, to a collection of original concept sketches and garment prototypes... and everything in between!); and very importantly: contacting writers, bloggers, and anyone who would be interested in helping us spread the word about our mission - making affordable everyday clothing options available to the transgender and non-binary communities!

We've got the blues

We're getting ready for our August Kickstarter launch! This past week we met with some of our models to shoot a few extra close-ups of our garments as we continue to edit our Kickstarter video footage... Among other things, we want to be sure to show off the design details that make our transfeminine fit jeans and our transmasculine fit jeans unique!

Our transfeminine fit jeans (above) are designed to fit slimmer hips, yet visually enhance curvature of the hips and thighs. This is accomplished by means of the cut of the pattern as well as the curved detail stitching.

Our transmasculine fit jeans (below) fit wider hips, but in this case, use cut and very linear design elements to visually minimize curvature of the hips and thighs.

Both our transfeminine and transmasculine fit jeans are cut to allow for a versatile crotch fit, so the former will fit comfortably on people who are pre-op, no-op or post-op, and the latter will fit comfortably on people who choose to pack, as well as on people who don't. Both our jeans will also be offered in a range of trans-friendly sizing options!

What makes us different?

WE'RE TRANSGENDER. As trans co-founders and designers, Sean and I understand first-hand the everyday challenges that trans and non-binary individuals encounter. The disappointment when you get dressed in the morning and the clothes just won't let you be yourself - often even after giving things your best shot. Getting mis-gendered by the world at large - constantly looking over your shoulder because you're not sure how other people are going to read you, and what they might do because of it. This makes us that much more sensitive to the needs of our clients, and behooves us that much more to anticipate and address potential fit and form issues ahead of time.

INCLUSIVENESS. We have been working on our line since early 2015, when we set out to design casual, affordable clothing for transfeminine as well as transmasculine people. Why there have been so few fashion labels to serve transgender women and other transfeminine individuals until now is still a mystery to us, but we decided that inclusiveness would be no afterthought in our label.

FIT. In this brave new world of queer fashion startups, we consider ourselves lucky to have the fortune of working with an old-school pattern maker with a modern outlook and 40 years of serious experience. Fit is of ultra importance to us; fit flatters, and makes for comfort. We believe that our off-the-rack fit will make our name once we go into production. It's one thing to make tailored garments look good on the individual; quite another to design a pattern that will look good on 99.9% of your demographic. We're also glad we had the opportunity to hone our designs under the public eye at a fashion show before we even launched our product. Going about things this way keeps us honest, realistic, and on our toes!

VERSATILITY. Within the sizing of our initial samples, our garments have proven to work for a wide range of body shapes. Without a doubt, we contribute this to the good fit of our garments. But beyond that, we also credit this to the various design features we incorporated into the construction of our garments, such as a drawstring waist on our cowl neck dress and drawstring shorts, side vents on our button down shirt, stretch denim fabric used for our jeans, etc. We will also offer multiple pant length options once we go into production, as well as trans-friendly sizing on all our garments to serve people of various sizes and body shapes.

Send us to New York Fashion Week!!!

DapperQ will host NYFW's largest and third annual queer fashion runway show on September 8, 2016. PLEASE vote for us [HERE] so that we can participate, and please ask your friends to vote for us too! Voting opened on June 5th, 2016 12:00am EST and closes June 12, 2016 11:59pm EST.

Watch and share this short video to see what we're up to and what makes us different:

Submitting our Application

When we heard about dapperQ’s Queer Fashion Show at Brooklyn Museum, on September 8, 2016 - an event that will be part of New York Fashion Week - we knew couldn't pass up this opportunity! We began discussing logistics and drafting our application, and commissioned Simone to make us a few more samples. There were one or two design elements to a couple of our pieces that we had been wanting to experiment with, and the timing couldn't be better.

So I - Leo, that is - went on a quest for sample fabric for four garments: a dress, and top, a button down, and a pair of drawstring pants with a similar design to our very popular drawstring shorts. We can't wait to see the end results! And with a little luck, we look forward to showing them to you, along with our other garments, at dapperQ's Queer Fashion Show on September 8!